Get the Message
In this drug PSA we enter the mind of an addict as has calls a friend for money. As drug addict's life spirals to darkness, it is up to us, his friends and family, to get his message and make a difference.


The Art Directors Club: 91st ADC Awards
Gold: Design & Motion Graphics, 2012

PromaxBDA Student Design Awards
1st Place: Animation & Design for Motion

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/ (1 of 1)

Production Notes
Lamson To: Script, Sound Design, Voice-Over, Live-Action Footage, Compositing, Animation
Kevin Shin: Style Frames, Animation
Esther Park: Animation, Typography
Teodros: 3D, Animatic, Storyboards, Animation

This group project was extremely collaborative. The concept was born from our desire to create a PSA that would be effective, so it could not come across cliche. Our personal interactions with addiction made us conscious of the dangers of enabling, showing us that addiction affects more than just the addict.

Project: Drug PSA
Class: AGS with Kaan Atilla